1st State Style Resale Boutique is birthed out of being a life-long lover of fashion and clothing. Expressing myself through my personal style has been a passion since I was a young girl. Discovering that fashion and styles of decades past was accessible and could be added to my wardrobe has taken my passion to another level. I love to not only incorporate vintage pieces into my style but to also learn about the history of a garment and what the former owner's life and times of that decade could have been like is fascinating to me!

Thrifting and second-hand shopping of vintage pieces can offer fun, different and "one-of-a-kind" items that can be styled to express your personal style and set you apart from others. While I am a fashion lover, I also enjoy adding my personal style to my home. So hunting for vintage treasures for the home has also become a new passion. Here at 1st State Style Resale Boutique you will be able to shop for your family and your home.

I am here to share all the treasures that I find with you because I can't and don't want to keep everything for myself. So, if you love vintage, antiques or pre-owned shopping, this is the place for you! Let's keep these things out of the landfills and give them a new life to be loved again! 

Thanks for stopping by!